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Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture is a stylish contemporary line of casual apparel based in Pacoima, California . Juicy is well-known for their terry , velour , cashmere , and fleece tracksuits , which have been made famous by the many celebrities who wear them.

Entertaining slogans often adorn Juicy apparel, such as "Wake up and smell the Couture" and "Dude, Where's my Couture?". The signature Juicy Crest, as well as the phrases "Love, P&G" are stitched on the inside tag of each item of Juicy apparel.

From high fashion for men to the newest and cutest styles for women; Couture Clothing has got you covered. They carry Couture men's fashions like Custo shirts from Custo of Barcelona; Diesel shirts, Diesel Shoes, Paul Frank hats, shirts and shoes; and more.

For the ladies they're in no short supply of beautiful couture women's wear. Perpetual favorites like Frankie B jeans, Juicy Couture, cute bikinis by Susan Holmes and Nolita skirts are available in many sizes and colors. So for the best deals on designer clothing consignment, head over to Couture Clothing today.

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Worthington The Finest In Millwork

Figure 1 If you're looking for the widest selection of architectural products, then look no further than Worthington Online. Offering the finest in Fiberglass Architectural Columns, Baluster & Balustrade Systems, Fireplace Mantels, and much more. Research and development allows Worthington to fill builders needs with the leading products in each product category, plus they offer the hard to find products! Products are chosen for endurance, quality, ease of installation and price. They take great care to ensure our exterior and decorative pieces are durable and crisp. For incomparable selections of columns, molding, ceiling medallions, niches, window heads, pediments pilasters, louvers and many other architectural details to complement many traditional styles call on Worthington. Superior quality is what puts Worthington ahead of the rest.

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George Lindemann Jr. writes a interesting article on Miami's splendid rise to becoming the "home of the international art world."

The author speaks glowingly about an event at Miami Beach. "I'd been hearing about the scene since early last winter, when the art world and anyone remotely connected with it had collectively tossed their heavy coats and headed south to the first annual Art Basel Miami Beach, a franchise of the international art fair held every June since 1969 in Basel, Switzerland. The reports were beyond glowing. The band Fischerspooner performed at George Lindemann's island estate, Karl Lagerfeld held court in the Shore Club pool, and galleries from Berlin to Los Angeles exhibited new cutting-edge talent in ship containers on the beach. "You should have been there!" was all I heard for months afterward. "

"George Lindemann, Jr., a multimillionaire collector and museum benefactor in his thirties, was sitting cross-legged on the floor joking with Tom Healy, a poet, collector, and prominent figure on the international art circuit."

It's an engaging read, that is sure to educate you about Miami, the country's latest art hot-spot.

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BugMeNot Registration Bypasser

Figure 1

BugMeNot is a website that allows you to bypass compulsory registrations that many sites require (NY Times, NY Post, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, IMDB, etc). View the tutorial for complete instructions, and a list of currently bypassabe sites. Lastly, DO NOT leave their site without getting the BugMeNot Firefox Extension. I use this valuable tool everyday and would be lost without it!

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Auction Software

Whether you are buying or selling on eBay or any other online auction site, the goal is to make (or save) money. You need to learn the tips and tricks to ensure that making money on eBay and other online auction sites is a breeze. You have to know how to buy, how to sell and all the things before, after and in-between that are crucial to your success.

If you haven't started making money with online auctions yet... Great you've now got the perfect free resource for doing so right from the get go. If you're a power selling eBay money making machine , we've still got some tips and helpful materials for you as well! Last but certainly not least, if you've tried before, and feel like you just didn't strike gold with the "auction thing" then I'm glad you found us because you can't give up just yet!

Ok, so what's this site gonna do for me you're asking? How is it going to put money into my pocket? The question is, what are you going to do with what we're giving away for free on the site? Use a free auction template to give your auction the look that sells, the look that gives you and your item credibility in the buyer's eye. Buyers , use our eBay tips to avoid the common online auction pitfalls that prevent you from saving... or as they prefer to think of it, making money on eBay. Free Auction Help offers the very best in auction software, so stop by today, and learn the tips to take your auctions to the next level.

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Houston's Finest Plastic Surgeon

Texans are fortunate to have access to the talents of facial plastic surgeon Russell W. H. Kridel, M.D., F.A.C.S., who is one of the best Houston plastic surgeons. Because his skills are well known and widely admired, Dr. Kridel is often invited to speak at worldwide meetings of doctors, and only a few years ago, he was named president of a prestigious academy of facial plastic surgeons who perform the lion's share of facial cosmetic surgery in the United States today.

Extremely articulate at describing procedures and benefits, Dr. Kridel has been interviewed by the CBS Early Show in New York, featured often in national magazines, and has been a featured medical authority for Texas publications and TV segments.

Dr. Kridel has been in private practice in Houston, Texas, since 1981, and he specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face and neck, with special emphasis on cosmetic and reconstructive rhinoplasty and aging face surgery . He is a noted expert in primary rhinoplasty and nasal reconstruction following accidents or unsuccessful surgeries performed elsewhere. Patients from all over the world come to Dr. Kridel to have him do their septal perforation surgery . He is a noted specialist in this very difficult surgical procedure. Also, he is spearheading the largest ongoing study in the U.S. on the use of irradiated cartilage grafting in nose reconstruction.

So if you're considering plastic surgery, don't settle for anything less than the best. Contact Dr. Kridel and schedule an appointment today.

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Best In Sports Betting

Figure 1

Online sports betting is hot right now. There's no better place to get in on the action than Online Sports Betting Sites. They are the premier provider of free online gambling sites services such as free Pick, daily sporting News, live Line, live Score and much more! They are affililiated with Ladbrokes, the world's biggest book maker, and the only one to offer an integrated online casino with access to over 80 games! Be sure you don't miss out on the special promotions available by signing with Bet365, the UK's leading betting and gaming group. Finally for all the latest in NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB news, visit Sports Betting Major League. Now, go win some money!

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Another Useless Rule, More Parking Restrictions

This article from the Daily Local News, explains how the Borough of West Chester Pennsylvania is proposing limits on guest passes. Another rule making it harder to park in a city where it's already impossible to park.

It wouldn't be so hard to park if there weren't so many other people wanting to park in those spots in the city. Fewer people is the solution. Stayed tuned for how we'll get there...

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