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Religious Tattoos

Religious tattoos have become one of the hottest sectors of the tattoo industry, accounting for nearly 20% of the total number of tattoos currently being created. Once condemned by the church as “a form of deviltry,” religious tattoo designs have now become a great way for modern-day Christians to express a commitment to their faith in a new and radical way.

Rank My Tattoos is an excellent source for anyone wishing to learn more about religious tattoos.

They explain that religious tattoos are extremely popular with both evangelical Christians and people of more secular beliefs as a way to make an outward statement of their faith. Of these, Angel tattoos and cross tattoos seem to dominate the Christian tattoo market, with many varieties of each being available. Some in the church community point to scripture in the book of Leviticus that says ‘Do not put tattoo markings on yourself.”  But many will counter that the verse directly before that one says we shouldn't shave…and nobody considers not shaving a sin.

What is clear is that getting a religious tattoo isn't simply a charm or a decorative device, but for many is an outward sign of belief and a way to get closer to their chosen representation of God.

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Link Building Made Easy

Gone are the difficult days of having to find a reputable site to host your links. With ReverseLinks' new system, the sites come to you. You simply fill out a request form, and specify your price range, theme, and pagerank of the sites where your link will appear. You can also set a time limit for how long you want your links to stay on that site. You can also conveniently request your links to renew automatically. Best of all, your links will all be from quality sites, that are indexed by Google. So for hundreds of quality, theme based backlinks, sign up with ReverseLinks today.

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Earn Money Through Blogging

How would you like to get paid, just for blogging? Well, now with InBlogAds, you can! With their unique system, you get paid for each post request you fulfill. You start by submitting your blog for inclusion in the program. Once your blog is approved, you're free to view current post request, to find something of interest to you. After you find something you would like to blog about, simply make the post to your blog, and get paid. Using InBlogAds system, you only have to write about subjects that interest you, and are related to your blog. You get paid for each post you write, in monthly paypal payments. So head over to InBlogAds, and start earning today.

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Plastic Surgery Blog

I recently found some great information on the blog of plastic surgeon George Lindemann. I read an interesting article on a study from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) recommending that "significantly obese women may wish to consider delaying breast reconstruction following mastectomy until they achieve a healthier body weight." The study found that “obese women are at higher risk for complications and have a lower satisfaction rate than do normal and overweight patients.”

Another article discusses the dangers of using the wrong filler in lip augmentations. Nearly 26,000 non-injectable procedures were performed in 2005, and the demand for lip augmentation continues, according to the ASPS.

Wondering if Britney Spears had a tummy tuck? "It isn't a secret that Britney Spears has gained more than just a few pounds when she got married two years ago. Now that she's given birth to a second child, rumors abound that Britney had a tummy tuck so she can gain a headstart in her quest to get that old "awesome and crazy" body back."

Whether you're looking for the most recent elebrity surgery, or the latest technologies in Botox treatments, visit the Plastic Surgery Blog to learn more today.

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Finding the Perfect Dog Kennel

A boarding kennel can be just the right home away from home for your dog (or cat), providing him with quality care as well as peace of mind for you. But since finding a dog kennel that you can be comfortable with is a daunting task, Best Friends Pet Care have put together some important tips on choosing the dog kennel that's right for you and your pet.

Best Friends recommends starting by contacting the facility that you are interested in. There are certain times of the year, particular during holidays and popular vacation times, when they simply won't have any availability.

Next you should tour the facility itself. You'll want to inquire about where the pets will sleep, play, and be walked. There shouldn't be any signs of rusty wires, sharp edges etc, where your pet could potentially be harmed. Solid dividers should seperate each animal, and surfaces should provide good traction even when wet. Cats and dogs should be seperated as much as possible to minimize the stress of barking.

Best Friends have compiled the most thorough checklist regarding finding a kennel, available on the net. They cover things you may normally forget, surch as asking about exercise techniques, feeding techniques, and observing the employees. So before you make a choice about your next kennel, visit Best Friends Pet Care.

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Funny IM Names

Figure 1

Funny Names is a repository of the best instant messaging nicknames. Funny Names has positioned itself so that is is the central resource for instant messaging services such as MSN, AIM, Yahoo and ICQ! You'll find a great variety of, Cool MSN Names, Naughty MSN Names. I really enjoyed the Nickname Generator, for those who like to change names often, And on the way out, don't forget to add your own nickname to the list.

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Complete Car News

"In today's environment-conscious world, major automobile manufacturers are trying to outdo each other producing cars that do little to harm Mother Nature.

This is apparently what Mercedes-Benz had in mind when it came up with the idea for an “Eco-Roadster” called the “Recy”, a concept car that is made entirely of wood, alloys, glass and rubber that make it 100% recyclable."

This piece on Mercedes Benz' new recyclable car is just an example of one of the hundreds of great articles available on George Lindemann Sr. Exotic Cars. You'll find fascinating articles on everything from the world's first luxury performance car powered by hydrogen, the BMW Hydrogen 7, to Honda's new diesel system. There is some great information here, so spend some time browsing around.

I'll leave you with this crazy article about a 3 year old who bought a car over the internet:

"As if to prove that just about everyone can do anything on the Internet, a three-year old English boy recently bid for a pink Nissan Figaro convertible—and won.

According to a Reuters report, Jack Neal, “a whiz on the PC” according to her mother Rachel, managed to buy the pink convertible for 9,000 pounds on eBay. The mother left her password for the auction site, and the kid took it from there."

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Breckenridge Real Estate

Figure 1

Breckenridge, CO real estate is some of the best in the world. There's no better place to find your next home or vacation spot than at Breckenridge real estate. There's a large gallery of Breckenridge photos available for browsing. Whether you're looking for homes, condos, or land, you'll find a property consistent with the laid-back sophistication of the area. Breckenridge weather forecasts are also conveniently included. Whatever your Breckenridge real estate needs, let this high-qualified Breckenridge real estate agent simplify the process and bring years of experience to your corner. Contact them today to view a portfolio of fine Breckenridge real estate property that meet or exceed your specifications.

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Find the Perfect Prom Dress

A prom, short for promenade, is used to describe a formal dance held at the end of the high school academic year. It is obvious that prom dresses are one of the most important items in any girls prom plans. With your high school prom being one of the most memorable nights in your life you certainly want a dress that embodies that significance. Prom pictures will immortalize you in the formal gown you decide on, so be sure to choose something you'll be proud of. 2007 prom dresses are being designed with many new style variations, so whether you want what's best, cheapest or what is the most trendy and designer, there will be a dress to fit your imagination and budget.

Finding a dress can be a tedious task, so give your self plenty of time. A popular place to purchase prom dresses is over the Internet at Prom Dresses 2007. Purchasing dresses online will save you a lot of time in the mall. It gives you more opportunity to find a dress that fits your style. It's also a great way to get a dress that no one else has - one that is unique, and you will have less chance of someone else having the same dress.

Finally, a few does and don'ts before your big night:

Do: Stand out in rhinestones and/or a bright colored gown

Do: Bring a camera since professional photos are expensive and posed. You want to have candid moments to remember as well.

Don't: Expect the night to be cheap. Saving up for prom and not spending it all is better than not having enough to eat or pay for pictures. Let money be the least of your worries when the night finally arrives.

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Finest in Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery that is used to improve the function (reconstructive surgery) or appearance (cosmetic surgery) of a person's nose . Rhinoplasty is also commonly called a nose job and can be performed to meet aesthetic goals or for reconstructive purposes to correct birth defects or breathing problems. It can be combined with other surgical procedures such as chin augmentation to enhance the aesthetic results.

It can be performed under a general anesthetic or with local anesthetic, depending on patient or doctor preference. Incisions are made inside the nostrils. Sometimes, tiny, inconspicuous incisions are also made on the columella, the bit of skin that separates the nostrils. The surgeon first separates soft tissues of the nose from the underlying structures, then reshapes the cartilage and bone causing the perceived deformity.

The Rhinoplasty Center of New Jersey plastic surgery, is an educational website provided by Dr. Daniel G. Becker, MD, FACS. Here you can view before and after photos of rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Becker in the photo album, find answers to your questions, and learn about the anatomy of the nose and the concept of the 'ideal nose'.

The website also contains a section entitled About the Nose , explaining with illustrations, the different components of a nose. Learn about the the artistic and scientific basis of how a surgeon determines the "ideal nose" for you when planning your nose surgery. There is also a detailed and illustrated explanation of some of the surgical techniques used in rhinoplasty .

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A New Text Link Marketplace

Figure 1 Ever wonder how Search Engine Optimization companies can get rankings to jump with hardly a change to a website's text? Well, search engine optimization companies learned long ago that SEO is all about "offsite optimization" and the key to a successful offsite optimization campaign is the proper utilization of text links. We all know that quality marketplaces for these offers are few and far between. Thankfully TextLinksForum is here to save the day. TextLinksForum is a great new forum for the buying and selling of text links. View todays posts, and be sure to register to get the most out of your visit.

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CreaDirectory V1.2

Figure 1 Creadirectory is a very powerful and highly customizable directory building solution. It allows you to build a fully branded, search engine friendly link indexing system similar to that of Yahoo! and Dmoz, at only a fraction of their cost. Creadirectory is easy to create, easy to promote and easy to fall in love with. You have to try it to believe it. Its features include adsense and paypal integration, google sitemap generator, unlimited number of categories, subcategories, and listings. You don't have to take my word for it, read the testimonials for yourself. If you're looking for the best in directory software, then Creadirectory is it! Check out their live presentation today.

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Personal Loans

Figure 1 There has never been a better or cheaper time than now to apply for a personal loan! LoanWize has the resources to find you the best deal on a loan that will suit your needs. Personal loans are ideal for people who do not own their own home or for people who want a loan in a hurry. Secured loans, which are backed by assets belonging to the borrower, are also available. Whether you're looking for a great APR, repayment holiday, fixed or variable repayments or no arrangement fees, you'll find what you need at LoanWize.

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ThriftyScot Money Saving Advice

Figure 1 Now is the time to take control of your finances and start planning for the future, and Thrifty Scot should be your first stop. They tout themselves as "The no nonsense, plain speaking, money saving, advice site", and I must say, I was very pleased with what I saw there. Browsing the credit cards section, I saw awesome deals on Morgan Stanley, MBNA cards, and many more. Their featured article on the Benefits of Low Introductory Rates has important information that can save you money. From great deals on loans, to mortgages, after visiting this site, you'll be one step closer to a healthier financial future.

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UK Credit Card Guide

Figure 1 There are many sites out there claiming to have good deals on credit cards, but CreditCards-gb really delivers. They will help you find a card that is competitive, and that best suits your needs. Creditcards-gb is a one-stop-shop for the latest credit card news. They provide up to the minute financial advice and a guide to the best deals on the UK market today. In plain English, they talk you through the types of cards available today, spelling out pros and cons. No punches pulled here! Whether you want to use your credit card to reduce debt, save or even make money, take our 3 step search and let Creditcards-gb put you onto a winner. Don't leave without browsing through the great deals on 0% balance transfers.

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