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Because there will be more laws tomorrow than there are today.

Weather Instruments

Amatuer and professional meteorologists alike have a new place to go for the finest weather instruments, radios, weather vanes and more. Since 1992, The Weather Store has been committed to supplying accurate and dependable weather instruments.

Take a look at their selection of Home Weather Stations. The majority of these include a barometer, hygrometer, and thermometer, but can be upgraded to include wind speed and direction, tide clocks and rain gauges. They also offer wireless and home weather stations from affordable and traditionally styled 3-instrument indoor stations, to digital all-in-one stations, as well as component weather stations from Maximum Weather Instruments.

The Caliber III is a digital weather hygrometer that accurately measures and displays relative humidity and temperature. Unlike analog gauges, the Caliber's digital hygrometer ZX circuit technology prevents error readings and never requires calibration.

The Weather Store also offers portable Noaa weather radios for receiving important weather news and forecasts. Great for boaters, campers, or any activity that requires knowledge of upcoming weather. Many of the radios also receive Amber Alerts as well as public safety alerts. From rain gauges, to sophisticated weather stations, The Weather Store has it all.


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