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Tristar Vacuum Parts

Vacuum cleaners are an essential part of a modern household. Since they are objects that we use often, it is important to have a good resource for finding affordable Tristar vacuum parts. Tristar has been a leading manufacturer of vacuums for several years. The devices they manufacture are quite unique, as they do not operate on the same set of principles as standard vacuum cleaners. Tristar’s vacuums do not push or pull air into a bag, but instead the dirt is collected by a method called cyclonic action. This process keeps the impurities in the bag completely out of the airflow. Even when the bag is almost full, the suction and airflow is not at all affected. Its unique cleaning system doesn’t leave a thin film of dust on the floor or furniture even after long hours of cleaning.

Since 1997, has been providing quality Rainbow vacuum parts, bags and filters to 1000’s of satisfied customers worldwide. Browsing through their large selection you will find vacuum parts to upgrade or repair most major brands. They offer all of the products you need to keep your machines running at peak performance. The next time you need Kirby vacuum parts, head to


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