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Safety Lanyard

A Safety Lanyard is a critical piece of safety equipment for those who work off the ground. They are able to provide a wide range of movement when secured to an overhead anchorage point. The cable or webbing extends according to your movement and retracts as you return. Most units incorporate a shock absorbing feature, which limits the force of stopping. is your one stop shop for Retractable lanyard units and more. They offer the Sealed SRL series from DBI/SALA. The 175ft SRL is constructed of a stainless steel and cast aluminum housing for corrosion resistance. The internal mechanical working parts are protected in a sealed section of the housing to keep dirt and other crud away. The standard reserve lifeline retention system keeps several wraps of cable on the drum for added safety. There is also a swiveling self-locking snap hook with impact indicator helps keep the line from twisting. The Sealed SRL also contains a self adjusting disc brake for reliability and it exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA, ANSI and the new ANSI Z359 2007.

The sealed option in Galvanized Cable Lifelines is specifically designed for harsh and dirty environments. When the lifeline retracts, any debris is eliminated before entering the housing so the sealed area stays clean. While this option may cost more, your situation will dictate whether this extra protection is worth the price.


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