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Because there will be more laws tomorrow than there are today.

Network Monitoring

We have all heard about the danger of unsecured, open networks. Well for businesses, this is an even more important issue. With todays large networks, polling and sampling of data does not provide enough protection. With the latest technology from Solera, you are able to capture and record 100% of your network packet traffic.

Solera supplies a broad range of solutions for network monitoring and management. They offer intrusion detection systems, content filters, forensic reconstruction, and more. Solera's system can enhance security, improve network forensics and analysis, enforce compliance through Lawful intercept, and ensure network availability. You can think of it like TiVo for your network.

The 1U Solera CALEA Appliance is capable of capturing at OC12 data rates, has onboard storage capacity of 800 GB, and is designed to be deployed via a SPAN port or network TAP, allowing for streamlined and invisible network packet capture.

Acting as a large network buffer the DS Series integrates seamlessly with existing network applications, providing network managers a complete and accurate picture of network activity and performance. Be sure to visit their website to see their full list of product offerings.


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