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Because there will be more laws tomorrow than there are today.

Help for Troubled Teens

Often times "good kids", with above average intelligence find themselves is the wrong peer group and this can lead to anger management issues, substance abuse, depression and possibly suicide.

Top Flight Academy is a licensed residential treatment center for troubled teens ages 13 to 17 that are unmotivated, yet very capable of being successful. Functioning as a boarding school for troubled youth, their programs combine intensive, consistent therapeutic sessions, with a positive peer culture setting that has been shown to produce long term results for many troubled teens.

Top Flight Academy is unique in that it is the only residential treatment center for out of control teens that provides a boarding school atmosphere that uses aviation training in addition to other motivating programs. Once students have made sufficient progress in their specific treatment plan, they can continue to work towars their pilot's license with the academy's certified flight instructors. By the end of their program the students will have received 10 to 15 hours of flight training, and can walk away with the confidence that they can "'fly an airplane". This top notch boarding school for troubled youth will provide a memory and self-confidence never to be forgotten.


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