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Finding the Perfect Dog Kennel

A boarding kennel can be just the right home away from home for your dog (or cat), providing him with quality care as well as peace of mind for you. But since finding a dog kennel that you can be comfortable with is a daunting task, Best Friends Pet Care have put together some important tips on choosing the dog kennel that's right for you and your pet.

Best Friends recommends starting by contacting the facility that you are interested in. There are certain times of the year, particular during holidays and popular vacation times, when they simply won't have any availability.

Next you should tour the facility itself. You'll want to inquire about where the pets will sleep, play, and be walked. There shouldn't be any signs of rusty wires, sharp edges etc, where your pet could potentially be harmed. Solid dividers should seperate each animal, and surfaces should provide good traction even when wet. Cats and dogs should be seperated as much as possible to minimize the stress of barking.

Best Friends have compiled the most thorough checklist regarding finding a kennel, available on the net. They cover things you may normally forget, surch as asking about exercise techniques, feeding techniques, and observing the employees. So before you make a choice about your next kennel, visit Best Friends Pet Care.


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