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Because there will be more laws tomorrow than there are today.

Computer Recycling

As more and more aspects of business move onto the computer platform, the destruction of private and confidential data has become a crucial concern. Company policy and governmental regulations generally require that computer disposal be handled in a secure manner. ITSource is the industry leader in the IT asset recovery industry. Offering state of the art processing which maintains a high level of efficiency, ITSource is able to provide the most cost effective computer recycling and asset recovery solutions. ITSource offers services to destroy all data, programs, and operating systems residing on all types of electronic media.

Working with schools and companies across the country, ITSource provides a dependable method of asset retirement complete with detailed audit reports. For companies who lease technology, ITSource can erase the hard drive, and provide a serialized inventory of your off-lease assets. Then ITSource will offer to purchase the equipment from the leasing company.

Standard Data Destruction Services are provided at no additional charge on all hard drives and removable media which renders all data completely un-usable. Also, non functional hard drives and removable media are destroyed, making any data recovery impossible.

Visit their website to see a full list of their services, as well as the clients they have dealt with. Your companies private data is to important to take lightly, so for quality PC disposal head to the pros at ITSource.


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