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Because there will be more laws tomorrow than there are today.

Complete Car News

"In today's environment-conscious world, major automobile manufacturers are trying to outdo each other producing cars that do little to harm Mother Nature.

This is apparently what Mercedes-Benz had in mind when it came up with the idea for an “Eco-Roadster” called the “Recy”, a concept car that is made entirely of wood, alloys, glass and rubber that make it 100% recyclable."

This piece on Mercedes Benz' new recyclable car is just an example of one of the hundreds of great articles available on George Lindemann Sr. Exotic Cars. You'll find fascinating articles on everything from the world's first luxury performance car powered by hydrogen, the BMW Hydrogen 7, to Honda's new diesel system. There is some great information here, so spend some time browsing around.

I'll leave you with this crazy article about a 3 year old who bought a car over the internet:

"As if to prove that just about everyone can do anything on the Internet, a three-year old English boy recently bid for a pink Nissan Figaro convertible—and won.

According to a Reuters report, Jack Neal, “a whiz on the PC” according to her mother Rachel, managed to buy the pink convertible for 9,000 pounds on eBay. The mother left her password for the auction site, and the kid took it from there."


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