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Because there will be more laws tomorrow than there are today.

Call Center Technology

With quality speech analytics software, every word or every call is automatically analyzed to tell you everything you need to know about customer concerns and agent responses. CallMiner is the leading provider of speech analytics solutions that deliver near real-time customer intelligence from Call Center recordings. Their advanced suite of applications allows managers and executives to better understand why customers call, what they are saying, and how agents are responding.  Founded in 2002, they have quickly established a market leading position and have provided solutions to Fortune 1000 companies in the fields of call recording, workforce management, and CRM. Less advanced audio mining software can only tell you a small portion of what customers and agents said on their calls. CallMiner is able to capture and process complete content, not just words, so you can decipher what customers and agents meant by what they said.

The software is able to map call information into language patterns that are based several indicators including customer satisfaction, agent politeness, acoustic stress, and call tempo. Oftentimes CallMiner will uncover patterns that are unexpected which can alert you to issues that you weren’t previously aware of. With the true power of call center technology you can put customer intelligence to work and notice real improvements that increase your return on investment in every area of your business.


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