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Because there will be more laws tomorrow than there are today.

Breast Pumps

Expectant mothers already have a lot on their plates. From having to create a nursery, to purchasing items like cribs and diapers, there is much work that needs to be done. A new mom who plans to forego formula and instead breast feed her child also needs to think about breast pumps. There will be times when you produce too much milk that can be stored for later, or when you will be out in public when you need to pump, with or without your baby.

There are many different models that fit specific needs, and is a website that explains it all. Do you want a manual or electric pump? Manual pumps are more lightweight than their electric counterparts, which must carry the weight of the batteries and battery pack. However, the electric pumps are much more convenient and wont fatigue your hands and arms because of manual pumping. The website also stresses the importance of comfort, saying "If you are uncomfortable while you are pumping, not only will you dread it, but there is a good chance you will produce less milk, which is unacceptable as your child grows and demands more food."

They offers pumps from all the major manufacturers including the Ameda Breast Pump with their popular line called Purely Yours. also has convenient areas for reading up on reviews and comparisons.


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