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Because there will be more laws tomorrow than there are today.

Aviation GPS

For years, has been the place to go online for the best selection of aviation gear. They stock hundreds of items from the latest sky charts, to the newest electronic equipment. One of the most popular items right now is a handheld portable GPS system. The Garmin iQue 3600 is one model that can instantly convert from Palm PDA, to cockpit GPS. You simply clip the unit into its special yoke-mount cradle with dedicated aviation function keys, and your PDA is suddenly transformed into one of the most useful, convenient Aviation GPS handhelds you’ve ever taken on a flight.

It can also provide a sectional chart-style overview of surface features, navaids, SUAs, and towers, along your flight route. When operating in ‘terrain mode’ the unit can offer TAWS-like warnings when proximity conflicts loom ahead, which can allow you an extra margin of safety. This handheld unit can not only keep track of addresses, contacts and appointments, but it can guide you there automatically with turn-by-turn voice navigation. More and more pilots are discovering that latest batch of handheld GPS units are the smart way to navigate your day. For the finest in aviation maps and more, visit today.


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