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Because there will be more laws tomorrow than there are today.

Ali G Videos

Figure 1

Ali G (Alistair Leslie Graham) is a satirical comic character invented and played by the English comedian Sacha Baron Cohen . Originally appearing on Channel 4 's Eleven O'Clock show , Ali G is the title character of Channel 4 's Da Ali G Show , which now appears on HBO.

Examples of his bold interviewing style include getting the Bishop of Horsham to admit that God created the Universe, and then asked him, "And since then, He's [God's] just chilled?" Ali G also asked the Bishop about God's appearance, to which the Bishop replied, "Well, he's sort of Jesus-shaped."

Ali G Videos have become a hot item on the net, and is a website where you can watch clips of this comedic genius. Watch him interviewing Buzz Aldrin, and a hilarious episode with an ER doctor.

So for the best Ali G Video clips, head to and get ready to laugh, hard.


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